Yellow Ball Tennis Squad - U14's & U17's


For teens aged between 13 and 17 that are already playing competition that want to advance their game to the next level. These programs are designed for boys and girls that are either at a beginner, intermediate or an advanced level.


This means that you have not played before or just want to give tennis a try, this is fine, there are many kids that start this way. Teens at this age need to go straight on to a full court program with full size racquets and yellow balls. You will still learn the basics with technique, plus games, fitness and fun all involved in a group format as we prepare you for competition matches. Once you have reached competition standard then you can progress to teen squads or add a private lesson to speed up or get more tennis into your week.

U17'S - A & B SQUADS

Suiting players who have advanced their game, you have played tournaments and want to play more tennis. The coaching team will advise when it's best to join this squad. At this level and as teens reach the age of 14 to 15 then they are also highly encouraged to have weekly practice sessions with adults outside the normal weekly squad session.

  • Teens Squads are 70 to 90 minute sessions, high energy, in a team work supportive environment.
  • One session per week in addition to your team training and junior match play.
  • 6 players to 1 squad coaching involving match play, tactics, fitness and technique.