Top Tennis


Q. When should I start lessons ? - Our coaching programs are continuous. We have children aged as young as 4 and 1/2 years that start into our programs.  Lessons are structured to allow students to commence learning from any point within the year. Our focus is to ensure each student is grouped with players of a similar age and skill level.  We use the Tennis Australia endorsed Hot Shots program to teach and grade students.

Q. What should I bring along to lesson ? - Comfortable enclosed sports shoes, a hat, water bottle and racquet.  If you do not have a racquet, our coaches will be able to lend you one temporarily.

Q. How are the groups determined ? - After initially being enrolled in a class suitable for their age and skill level, students will be assessed by their coach and may be moved to a group that is more appropriate to their standard.

Q. What is the class size ratio ? - The tennis class sizes vary depending on the coaching program. It is important for our players to have a similar skill level and age across all of the players within a group.

Q. Can parents watch lessons ? - Yes, parents are encouraged to watch, however we ask that parents do not enter the court unless requested by the coach or to assist with picking up balls for a private lesson.


Missed Lessons will be made up if Top Tennis cancels the lessons due to heat, wet weather or unplayable court conditiions. You do not need to call or message the coaching team, we will contact you as soon as we make a call. The coaches will be at the courts and make the call, we try to assess the conditions at the time, be that in extreme heat or wet conditions. We (the coaches and Top Tennis) do not like to cancel any lessons and will only cancel a lesson if we absolutely have to. Please make every effort to attend every lesson that you can, this creates consistency!


Wet Weather Policy

We will do everything possible to run our programs as scheduled, however on occasion weather may force us to cancel.  Decisions to cancel lessons will generally not be made until immediately prior to the scheduled lesson commencement time. Always turn up if we have not contacted you as the coaches are always at the courts and will make the call as to whether the lesson proceeds or if cancelled.

Heat Out Policy

a) On extremely hot days the coaches at each venue may completely cancel tennis for that day / time.

b) On coaching days , coaches will cease lessons, including any unfinished sessions, if 35 degrees has been reached.


Our tennis fee structure can be split into two (2) easy to understand and separate categories:

1. COACHING FEES (Termly) - this is for tennis lessons with Top Tennis - fees payable on a per term basis. A tennis term is the same as a normal school term and four (4) school terms make up one year. So, if there is an 9-week term day, such as a Thursday then you pay for a 9-week term. The coaching team will send out all invoices by email to you and by a date nominated during the present term.

Payment Terms - All invoices must be paid by the start of week 3.  If you join during the term, payment must be made by the next lesson. Cash is a preffered payment as we are a small business but we accept bank transfer aswell

Photos Policy

As a coaching business we occasionally like to upload photos of the kids on our facebook and insta pages, participating in tennis to promote and grow the sport. If you do not want your childs photo taken, please let us know prefferably viz sms or email